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Vets & Pets

This and That


Frick and Frack

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Vets & Pets

Select three each (min.) existing charities to funnel funds raised to. Develop unique products to test sell on Ebay and other outlets initially and then Amazon and dedicated website. Share on Social Media and promote. 

Giving Back Fund

Puppies Behind Bars
Gary Sinise Foundation
National Veterans Foundation

Veterans of Foreign Wars

DAV (Disabled American Veterans)

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Last Chance for Animals
National Disaster Search Dog Foundation
Paws With A Cause
Freedom Service Dogs of America
Hire Heroes USA

Go to to learn more now!  Forbes on starting a charity

Plan For The Wall

Securing our southern border shouldn't be a partisan bickering point and the politicians continue to demonstrate their utter incompetence and pettiness. Plan for the Wall is a bi-partisan and straight forward win-win plan that breaks down ideas or better yet, outlines a very specific "Plan for the Wall"....and, our Wall is not a literal physical structure concrete, steel or whatever because only a complete idiot exposing an agreed upon sound bite would simplify the issue into single word that in fact is one element or part of the solution. We're smarter than that - yet our politicians still treat us like imbeciles.

Go to Plan For The to learn more now!

Plan For The Wall

The idea here is....