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Okay, first up - you must enjoy this sort of thing because if you decide to calculate your time learning and burning around the Internet into the equation then of course, nothing is "free". However, more than ever - there is literally free Internet money laying all over the place out there. The key here is...being as efficient as possible in finding it or, having a strategy, methods or a technique to capitalize on it all.

When I get the Blog pages portion of the site going, I'll start posting my payments from various cash back and discount programs I utilize to stretch our dollars out - or, get applied to purchases or even checks, gift cards or deposits into my PayPal account.

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Nothing can catapult your success story to the next level than some fantastic learning, motivation and self-improvement information. Here I'll share some of my favorites!

Credit Card Rewards

Most folks already shop with a cash back credit and if they don't much pay attention to it, they'll earn between 1%-2% cash back on their purchases.

Well, let's say whatever you're doing now - you use this card for most all or ALL of your buying and, you spend $1,000 a month on gas, groceries, paying your utilities and even paying your car payment or whatever.

How about a goal of improving or increasing that by about 2%?

So, $12,000 x 2% = $120.00 per year

Cash Back Shopping

If you're like many of us or, apparently a great majority of us these days - we are doing a great deal of our shopping online.

Well, in addition to the cash back you get on whichever credit card you use - there can also be a difference in cash back your get from the various rewards site.

There is one site where you earn points and if you know how to quickly convert the points to %, you can also take it into account and there are times where this is absolutely the site you want to purchase through. 

I use Amazon (because if you use the Amazon credit card you get 5% cash back) and two of the rewards sites the most however, I'll list my Top Five Cash Back Rewards sites below. I'll also be sharing some very cool resources for research and maybe even a custom "tool" here and there.

Paid To...(whatever)

This is an interesting category and also has come a long ways. While "paid for surveys" for example was once mostly a scam or at least more hassle than worth a minute of your time - things have changed here.

If you just by default search via Google and aren't getting "paid to search" - WHY??

There is quite a bit of territory to cover here so why not just request the free eBook below?


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