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Here I post past earnings with Cash-Back rewards programs and / or "money in the vault" or hopper. That I can cash out right now. Also here will be possibly some money saving or no-brainer (imo) investing apps that you may also get rewarded for trying out. There may or may not be much or any rhyme or reason to this page...whereas I could just start posting as I come across the reward or value or eventually I'll organize it somehow. Time will tell.


Learn About My Lifetime of Cash-Back Earnings or Current Cash On Deck!

This is probably the program that I have been with for the most time...on and off and, I even forgot about it for some time and they even went fairly wobbly for a while. However, they are super solid these days and just like I don't automatically "default to Amazon" when I shop - I also do not "default to Ebates" when I look to rewards shop which is, ALL of the time. Every time I shop I am looking to (4-Step approach) -

a. Maximize my credit card cash back reward percentage *

b. Maximize my rewards program cash back percentage

c. Check for a gift card if shopping a popular retailer

d. Take into account retailer incentive (to register email, retailer points program, etc.)

Currently I have 23,330 redeemable points which is has a cash value of about $150.00. My lifetime earnings with this program is well over 100,000 points which is a cash value of around $785-$800 which I normally get in the form of an Amazon gift card, VISA debit reward card, Walmart gift card or PayPal reward. The points and reward values are similar at about 7,500 to 8,000 per $50.

* Cash back rewards sites and browser extensions will alert you to coupons also. The Ebates extension for example will automatically search for additional coupon savings if you are shopping through their link.


With Ebates you cannot usually count on 3% just for using the Ebates credit card in addition to whatever percentage or rebate or reward the individual retailer is offering. Now, same thing if you shop on Amazon and use its credit card except you get 5% so if your product pricing and shipping is that same add your percent cash back at Ebates and 3% and compare to the 5% you can count on at Amazon.